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Winton Wetlands field days

  • 26 Aug 2017
  • 09:00
  • 27 Aug 2017
  • 17:00


  • For members wishing to assist at this event

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Friends of Winton Wetlands are have two of days a Turtle Events.

Turtles Australia are assisting with displays and leading groups on field trips around the wetlands.

From the FOWW:

Our local turtle population needs protection from foxes. 1080 baiting has been shown to reduce fox abundance, but has no real impact on reducing turtle nest predation rates. Researchers from the University of Western Sydney will be at Winton Wetlands setting up their experimental turtle nest protection techniques and need our help. Activities will include digging in eggs at artificial nest sites and setting up infrared monitoring cameras, as well as the opportunity to participate in ongoing monitoring of the experimental sites. Interesting for all of the family. They will be testing some cutting edge turtle nest protection techniques including the use of ‘bad tasting’ eggs to deter foxes and the use of fermented egg spray to confuse foxes that are attempting to locate nests using olfactory cues. BBQ lunch will be provided by the FOWW. Just bring yourselves and your gardening gloves! Watch this space, more info to come!
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