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How to
protect turtle nests
    from predation.

Over 90% of turtle nests are predated by foxes or other animals, this level of predation is unsustainable. You can help prevent this loss of recruitment by protecting any nests you become aware of. There are two methods you can undertake, temporary and permanent.

The basic difference is that the temporary protection will not allow the hatching to emerge for the nest when the hatch, where as the permanent protection will.

It is important to act quickly as we know of cases where people have gone to get something to protect a nest only to return shortly after to find it dug up.

Temporary nest protection.

In order to prevent predation you need to make it difficult for the predator to access the nest. This is very simple if you place something heavy over the nest it will stop the fox or other predator digging up the nest. We recommend a flat board and a few bricks but you can use any other material you have on hand. Below is a  photo of temporary protection done by a member of the public.