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October/November - Gunbower Island turtle nest protection project.

  • 27 Oct 2016
  • 17:00
  • 08 Nov 2016
  • 12:00
  • Gunbower Island
  • 14


  • Available to students studying at Deakin University.
  • Members of the Field Naturalists Club of Victoria.
  • A small numbers spaces available for non-members, if accommodation is required a charge apply.

Registration is closed

This year we will have several other events happening during our time on Gunbower Island. Weltom PS environment day, The Cohuna festival, the Lake Meran Survey and more to come, it is going to be a very busy time and all and any help will be greatly appreciated.

With any luck we will be on site for the nesting of the Murray River and Eastern Long Neck turtles.

We will be checking out known nesting sites and searching to identify previously unknown sites.

This will involve visiting farms and bushland and doing a lot of walking.


Accommodation will be at a farm near Gunbower, the address on "Google Maps" is 596 Gunbower Island Rd, but the road signs are different they show Bramley Rd. the farm is called Lyndan and there is a sign in the drive showing the name, pictures are at

http://turtlesaustralia.org.au/resources/Pictures/Lyndan1.jpg and http://turtlesaustralia.org.au/resources/Pictures/Lyndan2.jpg , there is a map located at http://turtlesaustralia.org.au/resources/Pictures/maptohouse.jpg .

There is a limited numbers of beds so you may need to supply your own bed and you will need to supply your own bedding.

We normally share food and cooking duties, so bring or buy what you would like to eat and be ready to work together at meal times, we will be purchasing some communal food. 


You do not need to commit to the whole time we are there you are welcome to come for anything from a single day, weekend what ever time you can give will be most appreciated.
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